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Baby Kale

Baby Kale is the Lacinato or “dinosaur” variety, also known as Cavolo Nero or Black Tuscan Kale. This is a famously rugged variety with a deep, earthy flavor and thick, crinkled leaves. This baby version is cut when still small and tender – perfect for the salad bowl or using as a garnish. You still get the forest flavor of the large leaves but in a more delicate, slightly peppery flavor, similar to arugula



Fresh greens are great for livening up that everyday salad, but they can be so much more… Braised greens with chicken stock and smoked sausage rounds and a side of cornbread makes for a great down-home meal. Fresh spicy greens go well next to a hunk of hard cheese under a drizzle of good balsamic vinegar for a savory snack. And they are perfect as a garnish to add a splash of intensity to any gourmet plate.