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Peeled Red Pearl Onions

Red Pearl Onions are small in size, averaging 1-4 centimeters in diameter, and are globular in shape with slightly pointed ends. The petite bulb is covered in a burgundy, thin, papery, parchment that easily flakes off when touched. Underneath the skin there is a purple sheath, similar to garlic, and the flesh is light purple-white, almost translucent with layers of thin rings. The flesh is firm, juicy, and crisp. Red Pearl Onions are crunchy, sweet, and mildly pungent when fresh and when cooked, they develop a savory, sweet, and slightly less pungent flavor than full-sized onions.


When added to a dish, onions make it come alive with aromatic undertones. When used raw, they add a punch to salads and salsa. But the real magic takes place when they’re cooked: A light sauté or slow roast mellows their pungent, acrid flavors and coaxes out their natural sweetness.




Net weight. 8 oz – 227 g